Disease factsheets

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Nowadays, several diseases can be prevented by vaccination. Thanks to vaccination, people can be protected against diseases that could have serious consequences for their health. Vaccination also reduces the risk of spreading the diseases among family members, school mates or colleagues, friends and neighbours, as well as to other people in the community. Research is ongoing to develop vaccines against more diseases.

To learn more about the diseases that can be prevented by vaccination, consult the factsheets available below. Each factsheet provides key facts about a disease, with an overview of the symptoms, complications, how the disease spreads, who is at risk, how the disease can be prevented and how it can be treated.

Factsheets on several vaccine-preventable diseases and on COVID-19 are currently available. More factsheets will be included at a later stage.

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Note: The information contained in these factsheets is intended for the purpose of general information and should not be used as a substitute for the individual expertise and judgement of a healthcare professional.